Base Herb

A foundational element in smoking herb blends, the “Base herbs” category typically consists of a light, cost-effective, and airy herb with a neutral profile that is gentle on the throat. Analogous to the flour in culinary creations, these herbs serve as the primary ingredient in your smoking blends, contributing approximately 40-60% to the overall composition.

  • Mullein


    Known for its tall, wooly stalk, soothing respiratory effects, and traditional medicinal uses.


  • Red Raspberry leaves

    Red Raspberry leaves

    Known for their potential medicinal properties, particularly in women’s health, and containing active compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, and ellagic acid.


  • Damiana


    Known for its traditional use as an aphrodisiac, aromatic leaves, and potential medicinal benefits for sexual health and mood disorders.


  • Marshmallow Leaf

    Marshmallow Leaf

    Known for its mucilaginous properties, soothing effects on mucous membranes, and historical medicinal uses.


  • Marshmallow root

    Marshmallow root

    Known for its mucilaginous roots, herbal medicine applications, and sweet, herbaceous flavor.


  • Wild dagga flowers

    Wild dagga flowers

    Known for its vibrant orange flowers, traditional medicinal use, and mild psychoactive effects.


  • Skunk Cabbage

    Skunk Cabbage

    Known for its early spring blooming, foul odor reminiscent of a skunk, and thermogenic properties.


  • Coltsfoot


    Known for its early spring bright yellow flowers, traditional use in respiratory ailments, and potential hepatotoxicity due to pyrrolizidine alkaloids.