12 Herbs You Can Vape [Guide]



While there are many herbs one can smoke, we also wanted to introduce the concept of vaping herbs for some time. This article is a short list of herbs you can vaporize, with recommended temperatures.

A short intro to vaporizing herbs

A vaporizer is an electronic device that is used to heat different materials to a certain temperature. That specific temperatures creates vapor from the materials active ingredient. For example, vaping cannabis will produce vapor from cannabinoids like THC and CBD.


Temperature is a very important part of a vaporizer. If you can’t control your herbs, you will most likely burn your herbs or not even vaporize them at all. Either one can be a total waste. It’s always good to have a device with a flexible and precise temperature control setting. Not all herbs are made the same. Some are denser while others are moister. You will learn to adjust temperature through trial and error.

Herbs for Anxiety

Lavender – Lavender is a very popular flower but many people did not know it can actually be heated up and inhaled for effects. It has very calming and relaxing effects. This is best vaped at 257°F (125°C).

Sweet Flag – A popular herb that’s been used for many centuries throughout the world, sweet flag has been noted to have spiritual purposes. It is also called calamus root. It provides a relief of anxiety to many users. Sweet flag should be heated at 347°F (175°C).

Kanna – A South African herb, Kanna is used for the psychoactive effects it produces. It helps reduce anxiety but also improve sociability. kanna should be vaped at 370°F (188°C).

Herbs for Depression

Catnip – Most people know catnip as something cats use to get high. That is not the only use for it. Catnip is is known to reduce anxiety and depression in humans as well. Some have also said it helped with their immune systems. You should vape catnip at around 302°F (150°C).

St. John’s Wort – Most people have used it a homeopathic remedy. Some people who have used it say it helps them with their depression. St. John’s Wort is best heated at 302°F (150°C).

Rose – Yes, your girlfriends favorite flower can be as useful at making her happy as it can be vaped. Rose has also been known to fight bacteria and support live and immune systems. Vape rose at 392°F (200°C).

Herbs for Insomnia

Mulungu – Mulungu is an herb that is from South America. It has been used to treat anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure. Be careful as using this with other herbs can have adverse effects. To efficiently vape Mulungu, heat it to 392°F (200°C).

Valerian – Valerian is an herb with many benefits.  It helps with sleeping and pain. Valerian is best when vaped at 302°F (150°C).

Papaver SomniferumPapaver somniferum comes from a poppy seed which comes from opium poppy. It produces sedative effects and relaxes your muscles. It’s best to heat it up to 347°F (150°C).


Maca Root – Maca root is a very well-known herb that was used by the Incans. It has been known to boost energy, focus, balance hormones and is also an aphrodisiac. It’s best to inhale when it is heated to 392°F (200°C)

DamianaDamiana is known for its aphrodisiac properties. It also has calming properties and produces a mild effect, similar to that of marijuana. It’s best to be heated at 347°F (175°C).

Clavo Huasco – An herb from Peru, Clavo Huasco is an aphrodisiac herb that is used to help with sexual potency, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual related disorders. It is best when it is vaped at 392°F (200°C).

For a very complete list of herbs you can vaporize, please refer to this link.

Benefits of Vaping Dry Herbs

Not only are you going to

1) Save money by vaping in the long run

  • Saving money comes in the form of using less herbs. When you smoke, you’re turning the solid herb into char ash. After you vape, check your herbs and you will notice it has turned brown rather than charred or ash. This is because the temperature is much lower. Less smoke can usually result to less carcinogens.
  • Mixing the herbs above with cannabis can definitely save you some money too, try replacing tobacco with damiana or catnip

2) feel better because you’re not inhaling smoke.

  • Smoke can lead to tar build up in your lungs.
  • Since smoke is thicker, it is much harsher. Some people use medical marijuana for many different medical reasons. Some of them have realized that they cannot continue using it because of how harsh it can be on the throat. Vaping helps take the edge off of that.


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