• Skullcap


    Known for its traditional use as a nervine, potential anxiolytic properties, and active flavonoid compounds.


  • Motherwort


    Known for its cardiac tonic properties, calming effects on the nervous system, and support for women’s reproductive health.


  • Catnip


    Known for its sedative effects on humans, euphoric reaction in cats, and traditional medicinal applications in soothing stomach issues and aiding sleep.


  • Spearmint


    Known for its refreshing fragrance, square-shaped stems, oval-shaped leaves with toothed edges, and small variably colored flowers.


  • Peppermint


    Known for its cooling menthol aroma, digestive benefits, and use in culinary and medicinal applications.


  • Lavender


    Known for its fragrant purple flowers, calming properties, and usage in aromatherapy, perfumery, and culinary applications.


  • Chocolate Mint

    Chocolate Mint

    Known for its aromatic leaves with a unique blend of mint and chocolate scents, used in culinary and decorative applications.


  • Orange Mint

    Orange Mint

    Known for its citrusy fragrance, medicinal properties, and antioxidant compounds.


  • Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

    Known for its calming properties, lemon scent, and use in traditional and modern herbal medicine.


  • White Sage

    White Sage

    Known for its white-woolly appearance, strong sage-like aroma, and traditional use in Native American smudging ceremonies.


  • Wild dagga flowers

    Wild dagga flowers

    Known for its vibrant orange flowers, traditional medicinal use, and mild psychoactive effects.