7 Herbs You Can Grow at Home



When it comes to herbs, I like to buy them online so I can try new things. But after you already know what you love, a lot of herbs can be grown at home. If you’ve got a garden or even just a sunny spot in your kitchen, you might just be able to save some money and grow your own. Here are 7 herbs that you can grow at home.


Marijuana is a simple plant to grow at home, although it might not be legal where you live. Like most plants, all you need is water, sunlight, and basic care. They don’t call it “weed” for nothing. It grows just like one, and thrives in all sorts of different soils and hydroponic setups. There’s little difficulty to growing it. The list of benefits of smoking it are high, with its proven ability to kill pain, increase appetite, and make Pink Floyd sound super awesome.


Lavender can grow in your backyard with only a small amount of care. In fact, if you aren’t careful it will take over flower beds and pots. Water and sunlight is all you need to have your lavender growing in no time, since it thrives in poor soils and with little fertilizer. What’s even better is that this plant can easily be grown in large quantities, so you’ll never run out. It has many mental health benefits aside from the obvious culinary ones.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another great edible and medicinal herb to try growing at home. Just like with lavender, lemon balm is an easy plant to grow in a garden. It needs water, sunlight, and little fertilizer. Not only can you use this herb in drinks, but it works well in potpourri and smoking blends. The plant can get big and bushy, so it fills out pots well and can take over a garden.

Salvia Divinorum

Diviner’s sage is only one of the kinds of sages that do well in a home garden. Depending on your climate, it’s either an annual or perennial. Salvia is fast-growing and can withstand the summer heat, but people who live in cold climates should bring it indoors for the winter. It comes in many colors, which makes for a beautiful addition to a garden. It’s also known for causing powerful hallucinations, which is just one of the many reasons to grow it at home.


Rosemary can be grown in a pot on your kitchen windowsill. The upkeep for this plant is a bit tedious, since it needs to be trimmed in order to bush out and be healthy, but the benefits are worth the work. Water your rosemary and keep it in sunlight and you’ll be surprised at how fast it grows. Rosemary’s known for its helpfulness with memory, concentration, and imparting a general good mood.


Everyone’s favorite addition to smoking blends is also very easy to grow at home. Unlike some of these other herbs, you’ll need to plant your mullein outdoors. Not only does it create big, bushy foliage but when it flowers this plant can be over 3 feet tall. With just a little bit of work, you’ll have plenty of mullein to smoke all year long.

White Sage

A relative of salvia, white sage is traditionally used for purification. It works to keep your body and bloodstream clear of harmful toxins, and some people think that it can keep evil spirits at bay. These big, healthy plants will yield plenty of leaves for you to make your own smudge sticks and incense at home.


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